Bridgewater Area Chiropractor Care

Dr. Kenneth Madore Chiropractic offers much-needed pain relief caused by numerous types of physical problems. Dr. Madore specializes in spinal corrective chiropractic care, which is the most cutting-edge approach available today. Dr. Madore serves patients in the areas of Bridgewater, Lakeville, Whiteman, Halifax, North & South Easton, Easton, Brockton, Taunton, Middleboro, and Raynham.

Dr. Madore doesn’t just treat the effect or symptoms of your discomfort and pain. Instead, Dr. Madore’s chiropractic care directly addresses the source of the problem. The patients that regularly visit Dr. Madore suffer from minor to severe and even chronic pain. If you are suffering discomfort or pain, find the source and treat it with Dr. Madore’s chiropractic care.

Effective Treatment for Musculoskeletal Problems

Doctor checking mans back

If you have recently been involved in a vehicle accident, you may feel neck pain or whiplash. You may also experience long-lasting or chronic headaches and migraines, shoulder and arm pain, even numbness.

Whether you suffered an accident or not, back and neck pain can negatively affect virtually all areas of your life. Pinched nerve pain can drastically hinder your mobility, and minor sprains and strains can put you on the sidelines of life for weeks or months at a time.

Dr. Madore provides effective treatment for all of these symptoms, including chronic pain conditions, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, neurological problems, and many other health conditions.

The services provided by Dr. Madore include extremity adjustments, preventative care, spinal adjustments, posture evaluations, referrals, x-rays, ultrasound therapy, electronic muscle stimulations, and back support accessories. Call for questions or to learn more.